Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Potomac River is Ready to SUP

GG from France trying SUP for the first time
Liz and GG had never tried Stand Up Paddling before, so what a better place to launch than at Thompson's Boat House in the Potomac.

The day started out windy with no incoming tide, but by late afternoon, the wind had subsided leaving the water gentle and calm.

Here we are enjoying the eclectic Potomac River during the thores of Springtime in majestic DC.  In the background is Roslyn.
Liz from Peru loves the Potomac

Liz getting a handle of the paddle for the first time.

Historic Georgetown from the River

The Gargantuan Key Bridge overlooking upriver Potomac.  This is the view you get when you lie flat on the board.  In the background is Three Sisters Island where I made my turnaround.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Georgetown to Navy Yard

Although it was a bitter, cold day, best for watching football and beers, I truly enjoyed every second of this invigorating SUP.

Early Dec stand-up paddle in majestic Potomac and historic Anacostia from Georgetown to Navy Yard. Filmed with Casio EXILM EX-G1. Board is NSP 11'
Synched to U2's "One."

As you can see here the EX-G1 takes great shots and is highly rugged and 100% waterproof.

It is think, has a great battery that lasts and lasts and is extremely durable.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The New DC, MD, VA (DMV) Loop

This is the new DMV Loop that is exactly 26.2 miles.

It starts and stops at the Washington Monument.
The route relies heavily on bike and running trails and only about 5% of it is on busy streets.

Routes used:

1. Anacostia Park
2. Suitland Parkway
3. Oxon Run Trail
4. Oxon Hill Bike Trail
5. National Harbor/Woodrow Wilson
6. Mount Vernon Trail

This marathon loop crosses three bridges:

1. Frederick Douglas (Nationals Park to Anacostia)
2. Woodrow Wilson (National Harbor to Alexandria)
3. Memorial (Arlington to National Mall)

It finishes with one loop around Hains Point to finish at the Washington Monument to reach exactly 26.2 miles.

The majority of the course is very scenic especially along Oxon Hill Trail (wild deer and turkeys)

The only major traffic lights you will encounter are those along Independence Ave and on Suitland Parkway and Stanton Rd in SE.

The idea is to one this loop for a marathon distance or to cycle this loop four times to reach 105 miles.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Introducing the Paddle Surf, Bike & Run

People tell me it's not possible to reasonably and safely bike around the Potomac. That's because folks would have to bike east of the Anacostia River. Well, believe it or not, Ward 8 can well maintained and beautiful.

As part of the SUP/Bike Triathlon event (SUPar Man), we mapped out a very nice route that is both fairly easy and scenic. You will see parts of DC that you would never expect to see (I saw 2 Deers, wild turkey and a Hawk)

The bike starts and stops @ Jack's in GT. From SW DC and the Nationals Park it crosses the Douglas Bridge. Goes south along MLK to Blue Plains. Takes the Oxon Run Trail to National Harbor. Crosses the WW Bridge to Alexandria. Up Mount Vernon Trail to Memorial Bridge and back over.

I would like to do a group bike ride in Dec, right before Christmas and again in the new year (if weather permits). Will let you know if anyone is interested.

For those interested, after the bike (or the next day), we will do a nice run up the Capital Crescent Trail towards Silver Spring and back down RockCreek Parkwa

The longest SUP Endurance event in the East coast is the Sea Paddle NYC (Manhattan Island circumnavigate) for 28 miles -- so for the Sat Kingman Island SUP, we will match that distance. So folks can say they did the same distance as the exclusive NYC race.

For the Sun Bike ride, we will increase the DMV loops to 3 (and add Hains Point) to get exactly 100 miles (of course people can elect to do 1 or 2 loops). But the 3rd loop will be added to meet the 100 mile milestone for those interested. Again, folks will go at their own pace.

For the Run, we will increase the course length to 26.2 so like the Ironman, it will be a full marathon distance. Also, instead of running CC Trail, I'm thinking of staying along the same DMV loop (easier, more familiar, closer to city, metro and amenities in case people need to make stops and meet people). One modified loop of the DMV trail can be adjusted to be approximately 26 miles.

Quite frankly, I'm not expecting too many people to do all three, the first time we hold it. But if it is well received, I would like to hold it again everytime we have a 3-day weekend so by the end of the year, folks can become SUPARmen if they want to. Many people don't SUP, but almost anyone can borrow or rent a kayak.

To keep folks on the trails and not to hog them, for the bike, we will separate each biker by 30 secs. So if we have 50 bikers, the first one starts @ 0800, the last @ 0825

For the Run, we will do waves of 50 each again to not hog the trails.

No runners will run on the street. All runners will respect crosswalks. Everyone will stop at lights and bikers will give way to pedestrians and other runners. Not a timed event.

If u do one event u are either a SUPper Bike or SUPper Run or SUPper SURF. If u do two events, u are a SUPPAR Knight. If u do all three, u are crowned either a SUPPAR King or SUPPAR Queen and your name will live in infamy.

Again this will not be a timed event. It's for the challenge, fun, adventure and bragging rights. We will not collect money but wish folks can use this to raise money for charity.

Looking forward to you joining us. How do we spread the word to the DC Tri community? Think the first time, a smaller size crowd would be better but if successful


The SUP was amazing. I learned so much and was able to reflect. The distance was doable. It was the most amazing SUP ever.

Beautiful, glassy conditions. Very nice.

It started as a beautiful day of SUP.

The historic day of SUP, Bike, Run started out with a gusto. Besides the bitter cold temps, the winds started picking up from the North, 20 knots, gusting to 25+.

Because this would be headwinds, ruthless and stubborn there was no way I could work my way up river.

The very next day, the tide had turned. Still as chilly, but the River was transformed into a bright, beautiful, glassy finish. I was ready to roll.

I was ecstatic to be finally able to launch our much anticipated SUP/Bike/Run from the magnanimous National Harbor to the iconic Key Bridge in charming Georgetown.

The DMV Loop

To watch the video in 3-D:

Friday, November 26, 2010

AV Equipment to Bring

Cameras to bring (4):

SUP: Casio Waterproof
Police wearable

Bike: Canon Camcorder with tripod (need to setup). Bring extra battery

Run: Sony Bloggie

Before and After:
Also External mic for Canon